Tempilaq (Heat Indicator for Annealing)

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We are now carrying a selection of Tempilaq heat indicating paint. This product is typically used during the annealing process to verify that the brass is being heated to the proper temperature and to avoid potential over annealing of the brass. When applied to a surface, Tempilaq quickly dries and forms a dull and opaque film. The film liquefies when heat is applied to that surface and the rated temperature is reached. As the surface cools, the liquefied Tempilaq re-solidifies to leave a distinctly different mark, confirming that the target temperature has indeed been achieved. We carry four temperature ranges plus thinner: 500F, 650F, 700F, & 750F, Tempilaq Thinner. Bottles are 2 oz and sell for $24 each.
+ Reliably accurate melts within 1 percent of rated temperature
+ Easy to apply quick-drying fluid
+ Non-flammable for maximum safety and unrestricted shipment
+ Standard packaging: 2 oz bottles
Tempilaq (Heat Indicator):
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