Billet Aluminum Barrel Vise

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Our new barrel vise is far and away the cadillac of barrel vises currently available on the market today. We machine our vise from a solid block of 6061 Billet Aluminum. We top it off with high tensile strength black oxided hardware to provide you with a vise that will offer a lifetime of service. Rugged enough for daily use while still being attractive enough to earn a spot on your workbench next to your best rifles and equipment. Our vise has versatile V-Notch jaws that will accommodate the majority of popular barrel sizes on the market today without having to buy any adapters. We have also integrated a self leveling washer and nut combo that gurantees even consistant pressure to ensure you have maximum grip capabilities. The vise is designed with a wide base and two 1/2" diameter holes to permenatly anchor it to your workbench if you choose. By adding the wide base we have also added the ability for the vise to be temporarily mounted to a work surface with C-Clamps for those that don't have the dedicated space for a permenant mount. We are currently producing the Barrel Vise in limited quantities and they are special order. Please email us if you would like to purchase one.
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