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Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent: is uniquely formulated to remove all forms of fouling in today's high velocity firearms. Many successful competitive shooters and barrel manufacturers have endorsed Montana X-Treme as the best bore cleaning product available. Recommended for general firearm cleaning. Safe for all firearm applications. Excellent for handgun applications. Safe for use on actions and bolts. Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent is completely barrel safe and can left in the barrel overnight if desired. To ensure best results when removing copper deposits, use in combination with Montana X-Treme Copper Cream. Available in 6 oz. bottles Price: $7.75
Montana X-Treme Gun Oil: is a lubricating oil with excellent rust preventative characteristics for the highest degree of metal protection. Montana X-Treme Gun Oil is formulated to provide outstanding corrosion protection in extreme high and low temperatures. An excellent product for shotgun actions in cold temperatures.
Also recommended for long term gun storage. Does not contain TEFLON, which is known to leave a residue. Available in 6 oz. bottles Price:$7.00
Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner/Accuracy Oil: is a lubricant that was formulated to increase extreme accuracy in precision match-grade barrels. It is a highly refined, low residue oil that has been designed to eliminate the factors that cause oil to gum and congeal. Regular use after a thorough cleaning will reduce copper buildup and increase accuracy due to reduced fouling in factory and match grade barrels. Helps eliminate the fouling shot typically required with a clean barrel. Excellent for reducing sabot fouling in muzzleloaders. CONTAINS NO PTFE, SILICONES or SYNTHETICS that are known to leave residue and affect accuracy. A light application is recommended after each cleaning. Available in 6 oz. bottles Price:$8.50
Montana X-Treme Copper Cream: is a non-drip liquid bore cleaner that quickly removes all forms of fouling including copper, lead, plastic wad residue, powder fouling and moly. Copper Cream makes quick work of barrels that are hard to clean and is non-embedding and non-abrasive to barrel metals. Excellent for new barrel break-in (see web site). Use in combination with Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent or Copper Killer 50 B.M.G. for best results. NOTE: Copper Cream does not contain protective oils like the Montana X-Treme solvents. Do not leave Copper Cream in your barrel for an extended period of time. Remove all residue with a saturated solvent patch. Available in 6 oz. bottles Price: $8.50
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Montana X-Treme Bore Polish & Cleaning Compound: is a mild abrasive designed to aggressively remove fouling, rust and copper. Our Bore Polish is oil-based and holds the abrasive in-suspension, which facilitates the cleaning and polishing process. Recommend for use with stubborn deposits of copper, rusted bores and excessive fouling. This product comes in a syringe for easy application. Price $7.50
Montana X-Treme Gun Grease: is a highly effective, all-purpose lubricant that will not breakdown under extreme temperatures. With a range of -50F to +600F, this anti-friction, heavy load bearing grease stays where applied and does not harden. It is virtually unaffected by water and corrosive moisture, which makes it ideal for weatherproofing metal.
Montana X-Treme Gun Grease is designed for the sportsman who wants it done right. This product comes in a syringe for easy application. Price $6.50
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