CZ 527 Custom Bore Guide

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For far to long CZ 527 fans have had to make due with substandard bore guides or not use one at all. Over the last year we have worked diligently to resolve that problem. The fruits of our labor is a custom bore guide made of Delrin and machined to exacting tolerances to last the test of time. Our design is built specifically for the CZ 527 mini mauser action. The bore guide includes chemical resistant o-ring seals for the chamber as well as an oring sealed plug for the end of the bore guide to prevent accidental spills or leaks while your bore cleaner does its work in the barrel. The guide is also fitted with caliber specific adapters for a true custom fit. Designed to work with Dewey, Bore Tech, and other popular rods. Please email us the diameter of your cleaning rod if you are unsure that it will work. This bore guide will work for the following cartridges: 17 Fireball,17 Remington,17-222, 20-222, 20Vartarg, 20 Practical, 20 Tactical, 204 Ruger, 20 SCC.
Price of the bore guide with both 17 &20 caliber adapters: $60.
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Custom CZ 527 Bore Guide:
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