CZ 527 Replacement Bolt Handle

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To address the concern's of CZ 527 fans everywhere we have designed a replacement bolt handle for the increasingly popular CZ 527. The replacement bolt handle is a completely new design that was created to address the scope clearance problems, poor ergonomics, and poor aesthetics of the factory bolt handle. We machined the new bolt handle out of 303 Stainless Steel for the ultimate in durability. In addition we also machined our handle for the much needed clearance of today's larger scopes . Utilizing our replacement bolt handle on your 527 rifle will allow you to mount your scope lower and therefore provide you with a better cheek weld on the stock thus increasing your potential accuracy and comfort while shooting. The bolt handle also employ's better ergonomics versus the factory handle and will allow you to cycle the bolt much easier. We have also threaded the end of the bolt handle and will be offering optional bolt knob designs that can easily be threaded off and changed by the user. This bolt handle is a much needed addition to all 527 rifles. The Ergo knob is Knurled to provide a no slip grip in the field. Don't forget we also carry the Leupold 30mm Ringmounts so that you can mount your scope as low as possible and utilitze the clearance of your new Stainless Steel Bolt Handle. We are aware that some customers prefer the machined stainless look while others prefer a matte stainless so we are now offering the option of having the handle bead blasted to a matte finish. Please select this option from the drop down menu above and add it to your cart if you would like your handle bead blasted. (The additional cost for bead blasting is $6.)
Pricing: Stainless Handle w/sporter knob $95 Stainless Handle w/teardrop knob $105 Stainless Handle w/Ergo knob $106
***Note: Due to US export restrictions we Will Not ship or Sell the bolt handles outside the USA. Warranty void if exported outside the USA***
***Note: The replacement bolt handles will not work on the laminate stocks without first slightly modifying the stock***
527 Stainless Bolt Handle Options:
Bolt Handle w/Ergo Knob
Stainless handle with sporter knob side by side with factory handle
Sporter and Ergo Knob Side by Side
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Stainless Handle with
NEW Teardrop knob.
Ergo Knob (left)
NEW Teardrop Knob (right).
*** IN STOCK & Ready To Ship***
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