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With rifle powder becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and small caliber handloaders looking for more efficency we designed the 20 SCC™ cartridge. This super efficient 20 caliber (.204 bullet diameter) cartridge is based on the Nosler 221 Fireball parent case, the 20 SCC™ can obtain 4,000 + fps speeds with a 32 grain bullet and 21.5 grains or less powder. The 20 SCC™ is a perfect cartridge for target or high volume varmint hunting enthusiasts. By employing a 40 degree shoulder as well as High Quality Nosler Brass and other efficiency adding features we have created a very special little cartridge. All great cartridges need an equally great set of dies, that being said we contracted Whidden Gunworks to produce a Bench Rest quality die set for us. The die set consists of a Full Length Bushing Die for sizing and a Micrometer Top Seat Die with Sliding Alignment Sleeve to handle bullet seating. The dies are custom CNC machined to exacting standards based on our custom chamber reamer print. Using this method allows a perfectly matched chamber and die set. This in turn promotes minimal working of the brass, extended brass life, and great accuracy potential.
20 SCC™ Product Pricing:

20 SCC™ Custom 2 die bushing die set by Whidden Gunworks: $220 (IN STOCK & Ready To Ship)
Optional Carbide Expander Button Upgrade for FL Bushing Size Die $32

20 SCC™ Live Pilot Finish Reamer by JGS $330 (IN STOCK, Made by JGS Precision Tools )
20 SCC™ Go & No Go Gauge Set $90 (IN Stock, Made in house to our exact specifications)
***Please email or call us if you are interested in getting a rifle chambered in the new 20 SCC cartridge. We have a well known gunsmith lined up with our custom chamber reamer to complete the work at a very reasonable charge.***
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Left: Nosler 221 Fireball brass
Center: 20 VT case with 30 degree shoulder
Right: 20 SCC™ fired case with 40 degree shoulder
20 SCC™ Head Space Gauges
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